CAS 9 (Spring 2019)



This is the SPRING 2019 version of CAS 9.


  • Summary by Reading
  • Questions by Reading
  • Two Practice Exams (downloadable)
  • Excel Supplement with additional questions (downloadable)
  • Prior CAS Questions separated by reading (downloadable)
  • Spreadsheet of Prior CAS Questions frequency by reading

Update (9/18/19)

  • If you purchase the Spring 19 version now, you will get access to the Spring 19 directory and automatic access to the Spring 20 materials when they become available in December or January. 
  • If you purchase online + print at this point, you will receive the print version in December or January when the Spring 20 materials are available.


Please note: The manuals are hosted on Google Drive. 

Please make sure you are able to access Google Drive. Here is a test file.  If you can access it, great! If not, please check out additional information about Google Drive access in the FAQ.


  • "ONLINE ONLY" version is $175
  • The online version is great! Because it gives you access to real-time updates and it's in full color.  You may also request a downloadable PDF for marking up offline, but neither version allows printing. 
  • If you require a printed (spiral bound, B&W copy), you must order that separately. 
  • B&W Printed copies are shipped out toward the end of each week.
  • More info: FAQ