If you have issues w/ accessing Google Drive, please note:

  1. If you tried to access at work, a firewall may be the issue. Try accessing from another location.
  2. If you are trying to access from a mobile device, do not use the Google Drive app; the app does not open protected files.  Use a regular browser.
  3. If the above things  do not clear the issue, please let me know, and attach a screenshot of what you are seeing when you try to access the site from a non-firewalled location through a regular browser (not app).

If you are in mainland China with no VPN, please let me know.

Other FAQ

Questions about Access

  1. How do I access the manual?
    Online access is granted through the Google Account you entered on checkout. (I need to manually add you, so please give it up to a day or so.) You will get an e-mail with the link once you are added.
  2. When does online access expire?
    On Nov 30/ May 31 for fall/ spring exams.
  3. Can I download a copy of the online manual?
    You can request a downloadable PDF through the form online. It is not printable, but it can be edited and marked up as you wish.
  4. Can I print from the online manual?
    No, but you can order a B&W print version if you need a hard copy. Books are shipped at least every Saturday, possibly more often.

Other Questions

  1. What is the cost if I want only a print version (no online access)?
    It is the same as the cost for online + print; online access costs nothing (thanks Google!) - the additional cost for the online plus printed manual reflects only the cost of printing and shipping. Also, you need online access for errata and "online-only" content.
  2. I am paying out-of-pocket; do you offer a discount for that?
    I set prices assuming that a lot of people will go OOP to purchase; as such I don't offer an explicit discount beyond that.
  3. Something is unclear/ seems incorrect/ typo:
    If you find any minor or major issues, please e-mail me. You might win something!   mailto:hello@crystalclearexams.com