SOA GH Exams



For SOA Exams, I offer review exercises, organized by reading. The review exercises are intended to be checks of your knowledge of the readings. They are a combination of lists and math questions, depending on the nature of the reading. All questions are original questions.

There will also be a number of "Random Questions" (available online) that are intended to be more exam-style. Randos come from any source in the syllabus, or can come from multiple sources. They are more intended as pre-exam review. I add to the randos periodically throughout the exam season.

Lastly, there are some add-on summaries for certain readings (mostly the newer ones). I'll add to these throughout the exam season, but for now they are "bonus material," not things you'll find for every reading. 

Syllabus Restructuring

As you have surely heard, the SOA restructured the GH exams starting from Fall 2019. The new exams (DP and FV) loosely translate from the old GH Core/ GH Advanced exams.

During the transition, there are several manual options. Prices below are for the "ONLINE ONLY" version, and depend on whether you have previously purchased a manual. 

  • DP-C only ($70; $20 for S19 GHCU purchasers)
  • FV-C only ($65; $20 for S19 GHCU purchasers)
  • DP-C + FV-C ($120; $35 for S19 GHC purchasers)
  • DP-A only ($60; $0 for S19 GHA purchasers -- just e-mail me for access)
  • FV-A only ($65; $40 for S19 GHA purchasers)
  • DP-A + FV-A ($120; $35 for S19 GHA purchasers)
  • DP complete ($120; $80 for S19 GHCU purchasers; $70 for S19 GHA purchasers)
  • FV complete ($120; $85 for S19 GHCU purchasers; $100 for S19 GHA purchasers)


Please note: The manuals are hosted on Google Drive. 

Please make sure you are able to access Google Drive. Here is a test file.  If you can access it, great! If not, please check out additional information about Google Drive access in the  FAQ.

Purchase Options

  • The online version is great! Because it gives you access to real-time updates and it's in full color.  You may also request a downloadable PDF for marking up offline, but neither version allows printing. 
  • If you require a printed (spiral bound, B&W copy), you must order that separately. 
  • B&W Printed copies are shipped out toward the end of each week.
  • More info: FAQ