Free Shizz


Amazon Giveaways

Since the best kind of stuff is free stuff, and the best type of feedback is any feedback, I've combined these things to make the best of both worlds.

Please submit to me any feedback of any kind (clarifications, typos, material errors, etc.) for your chance to win an Amazon gift card!

Each "feedback" counts as one "raffle ticket" and at the end of the exam season, I'll raffle out three $50 Amazon gift cards. So, the more feedback, the greater your chance of winning; keep 'em coming!


Fall 19

Errata submissions I've received this sitting are below (ordered by the date in which I received them). Huge thank you for all of you who suggested improvements anywhere! If I forgot anything you submitted, lmk. Raffle to be held sometime the week of 18 Nov 19 .

Raffle means Python chooses a random number from 1 to # of errata submitted, and the person with the index matching that number wins. (Times 3)

No winning more than once though!

4 December update: Late as always with this raffle, but congrats to MH, DG, SK! (All Exam 8). See details via e-mail.